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Project Name The Nora Fashion Group
Project Description
The Nora is a retail online store provides latest fashion trends in Clothes, Accessories, Handbags and any Merchandise for woman. Our goal is provide latest fashion trends in affordable prices. The Nora consist of 3 Major websites are Nora Jewelry (, The Nora Fashion Magazin ( and The Nora ( Nora Jewelry is a running website which sell Fashion Accessories and Hand Bags. This site started at the beginning of year 2012. The Nora Fashion Magazine will be lunched on the January 1st of 2013. It is a fashion Magazine gives fashion tips, Trends and some reviews on The Nora Merchandise. The Nora website is not running for now, we are planing to start working on it on the beginning of 2013 after we find an investor.
Essential Data
Project Field
Project Nature مشاريع قائمة للشراكه
Country الأردن
City عمان
Financial Details
Minimum Capital $400000
Maximum Captial $500000
Avaliable Capital $0
Annual growth rate %4
The rate of profit to the cost of operating %4
Annual operating cost 4
Average annual profit %4
Profit Percentage %5.60
No Of Views 3977
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Is work Plans exist ? No

Is feasibility study exist? No

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